March for Science Week of Action Citywide Cleanup

Week of Action Citywide Cleanup
Week of Action Citywide Cleanup

To end our week of action here in Indianapolis, we have partnered with the Women’s March Indiana and Hoosiers for Action to coordinate a state wide cleanup initiative in order to communicate to our representatives that Indiana supports Science and the environment.

On May 6th, we encourage ALL of Indiana to work together to leave this state a little cleaner than they found it.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled cleanup, please consider cleaning up at least 1 bag of trash in your community.

Take a photo and # hastag #IndianaCleanup. If you plan to attend the Climate March, please bring a bag with you and cleanup before, during, or after the event.

It is time for us to take action in our state, to not only keep our own house in order, but to bring our communities together by means of service and outreach

Saturday: Connect!

MFS Indy Week of Action
MFS Indy Week of Action


“Support science in your community.”

To celebrate the last day of our Week of Action, we’re reconnecting with our communities. Go to a science museum, community garden, environmental clean-up, or local science-related meetup. Celebrate the start of a movement by supporting the local people and groups that are already working to make a difference. Don’t forget to sign up for your Satellite and read more about what’s next.

Friday: Advocate!

MFS Indy Week of Action

MFS Indy Week of Action


“Science is a work in progress.”

Did you know that the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) was founded in 1975 at Purdue University? Diverse teams make us more creative, more diligent, and harder-working. Donate to a Professional Advocacy Society like NSBE, AISES, SACNAS, or SWE today!

Then, if you would like to be part of our Friends in Science Project and collaborate with us to tell your story in the national “I Am A Scientist” campaign to break stereotypes about scientists email us at with your story, or message us on Facebook or Twitter, or just share your story here!

Thursday: Communicate!

MFS Indy Week of Action
MFS Indy Week of Action


“Science isn’t finished until you share it.”

Tell your story!

How has science impacted your life?

If you are a scientist or enthusiast, tell us why!

Are you doing research at a university in Indiana? Communicate that to us, your friends in science!

Share a picture, write a post, and let everyone know how science helps Hoosiers!

Effective communication is critical to improving the relationship between science and society. It’s half how you talk and half how you listen. Practice your communication strategy by sharing your story with us! Then, check out a #SuperScientist sharing their story courtesy of Sense about Science USA and learn more about science communication, transparency, and the use of evidence.

March for Science

Wednesday: Create!

MFS Indy Week of Action
MFS Indy Week of Action
“Science is for everyone.”
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Because of the importance of creativity for the critical mind, we’ve begun adding “Art” to the equation, and started promoting STEAM. We’ve compiled a list of exciting groups that produce STEAM projects so that you can learn about their mission, get involved, and simply enjoy. If you are a scientist, engineer, programmer, machinist, etc. or if you are just passionate about science advocacy, we encourage you to volunteer with or donate to one of the local programs below!
(If you know of more STEM programs here in Indianapolis, just list them and we will get them added ASAP)
To inspire students to participate in, and mentors to volunteer in, a local STEM education program we are asking you to post a picture of something you have created (robot, garden, computer code, bird house, etc.), tag us and use hashtag #WednesdayWonders, then tell us your next project!

Tuesday: Empower!

MFS Indy Week of Action
MFS Indy Week of Action



“Science is everywhere. Let’s keep it that way.”

We are asking everyone to ask Governor Eric Holcomb to veto SB 309. His number is: (317) 232-4567 (9 am to 5 pm, ask for Ms. Katie Reed, who handles constituent feedback); or email the Governor at

You can find the legislation here for review:

You can find a critique of the bill here:

Defend Indiana’s Solar Energy Future: Vote “No” on SB 309

After you take action today, sign up to learn an easy science-based strategy or skill that can serve someone’s life or make a difference in yours (e.g. CPR, plant identification, etc).

If you make the call or learn a skill, tag us and use # hashtag #TakeActionTuesday to spread the word!

Monday: Discover!

MFS Indy Week of Action
MFS Indy Week of Action


“What can we learn next?”

We are asking everyone to contact an IPS school and offer to donate science supplies. If they are stocked on science supplies, offer to donate any supplies the school might need. One pack of crayons, one spiral bound notebook, one box of pencils goes a long way 🙂

Take today to plan ways to promote science education in your community.

Coordinate a Meet & Greet between local graduate students and a Big Brothers/Sister organization.

Start or join a science-themed book club on Meetup.

Need help? Connect with existing organizations that might be able to support you (e.g. Taste of Science, local science museums, Get out the Science) and reach out to us, your Local Satellite, to get started today!

If you make a donation or hold an event, tag us and use # hashtag #ScienceGivesBack to spread the word!

Sunday: Engage!


“A movement in motion stays in motion.”

Today is all about celebrating the accomplishments of local communities, pushing the conversation forward, and reflecting on the power of this movement.

Post pictures of where you marched or the sign you held. Tag us and use the hashtag #ScienceSunday

Share your favorite experiences, stories of the people you met, the things you learned, or what you’re inspired to do next.